Collection: Side Tables

Introducing OIXDESIGN's exquisite collection of marble side tables and Travertine side tables. Created with precision and a keen eye for modern design, our stone side tables offer easy assembly and lightweight convenience. These sustainable, zero-waste pieces redefine luxury in your living space. Experience affordability and free shipping on our exclusive range today!

Modern Elegance Meets Convenience: Marble and Travertine Side Tables

Experience innovation and luxury with OIXDESIGN's marble side tables and Travertine side tables, now equipped with mobile phone charging functions. These stone side tables not only enhance your décor but also cater to your modern lifestyle. Enjoy the convenience of easy assembly, lightweight design, and sustainable handcrafting. Our exclusive collection blends timeless elegance with practicality, all at an affordable price. Embrace the future of home furnishings with free shipping on our unique side tables today.