Soul of Stone: A Design Journey

Discover the artistry and innovation behind OIXDESIGN's marble furniture. Each piece is handcrafted from world-renowned natural marble and travertine. Designed with both elegance and functionality in mind, our marble pieces transcend mere furniture—they define a lifestyle.

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Authentically Sourced from Earth
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Ideal for All Decor Styles
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Built to Last in Any Setting
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One-of-a-Kind Textures for Every Taste

Why 100% Natural Stone?

Natural stone is a creation of the earth, carved from ancient canyons. Each stone block we select is a gift from ancient Earth, imbued with elements of sky and soil, sun and moon. This is more than furniture; it's a piece of Earth's story, now part of your home. With OIXDESIGN, you're not just buying a table—you're owning a slice of timeless elegance in stone.

OIXDESIGN's Philosophy: Nature's Art, Human Touch, Innovative Design, Bringing Marble into Every Home

At OIXDESIGN, we bring the soul of the earth into your home. Our marble pieces aren't just furniture; they're a love letter from nature, handcrafted from 100% natural marble and travertine. With features like Swift Assembly and Easy Move, we've made luxury simple and accessible. Choosing us isn't just buying a furniture; it's inviting timeless beauty and innovation into your life. Here, marble isn't a luxury; it's a lifestyle.