OIXDESIGN, Wireless Charging Page, Full Charge 3-4 Hours,Sign
Full Charge 3-4 hours
OIXDESIGN, Wireless Charging Page, Charging Power 7.5W/10W, Sign
Charging Power 7.5W/10W
OIXDESIGN, Wireless Charging Page, Short Circuit Protection, Sign
Short Circuit Protection
OIXDESIGN, Wireless Charging Page, Over Temperature Protection, Sign
Over-temperature Protection

Modern Luxury Meets High Tech

Discover the seamless blend of classic elegance and modern technology with OIXDESIGN's wireless charging tables. Designed with your convenience in mind, these upgraded marble side tables now come with cutting-edge integrated wireless charging. Simply place your phone on the table's center lightning symbol, and watch it power up effortlessly.

Classic Elegance + Modern Tech

Marble side tables with integrated wireless charging and universal USB Type-C connectors. Experience the cutting-edge convenience of our upgraded tables.