Behind Our Marble & Travertine

Mother Nature's miracle, spanning millions of years and touching epochs from ancient Greece and Rome to the iconic Roman Colosseum, epitomizes luxury and legacy through these timeless stones.

Sustainability - OIXDESIGN

In our commitment to a Sustainable Future, we have embraced the concept of 0-Waste in crafting our furniture. Larger slabs are transformed into coffee & side tabletops; smaller blocks become table legs and bases; the tiniest pieces turn into elegant home decor, all with 100% 0-waste artistry. Our offerings also include instant tool-free assembly and eco-friendly packaging. Discover the perfect marriage of classic artistry and responsible craftsmanship, and join a movement that honors our planet's rich heritage.

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Stone to Home: 0-Waste

Larger Slabs ⇒ Coffee & Side Tabletops

Smaller Blocks ⇒ Table Legs and Bases

Tiniest Pieces ⇒ Elegant Home Decor

All crafted with 100% Zero-waste artistry!

Instant Tool-Free Assembly

Eco-Friendly Packaging