Wireless Charging in OIXDESIGN's Marble Tables

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Modern Luxury Meets High Tech

In the world of modern furniture, innovation and elegance often go hand in hand. OIXDESIGN, a leading name in handcrafted marble coffee tables and side tables, has taken this fusion to the next level with their integrated wireless charging feature. This article explores the wireless charging technology in OIXDESIGN's tables, highlighting the safety features, convenience, and the seamless blend of classic elegance with modern tech.

The Rise of Wireless Charging in Furniture

The Convenience of Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is not just a technological advancement; it's a lifestyle change. The ability to simply place your phone on a table and have it charge without the clutter of cables is a convenience that many seek. OIXDESIGN's marble coffee tables and side tables with wireless charging offer this ease, allowing users to "Drop down, Power up, and Go!"

Full Charge in 3-4 Hours

OIXDESIGN's wireless charging tables provide a charging power of 7.5W/10W, enabling a full charge within 3-4 hours. This efficiency ensures that your devices are always ready to use, whether you're relaxing at home or hosting guests.

Enhanced Safety Features of Wireless Charging

Short Circuit Protection

Safety is paramount when it comes to electronic devices. OIXDESIGN's wireless charging tables come with short circuit protection, ensuring that your devices are charged without any risk.

Over-temperature Protection

Overheating can be a concern with wireless charging, but not with OIXDESIGN's tables. The over-temperature protection feature prevents any overheating, providing a safe and worry-free charging experience.

QI Standard for Universal Compatibility

The QI Standard in OIXDESIGN's wireless charging ensures universal compatibility. Whether you're using an Apple data cable with a Lightning connector or any other device, the tables are designed to accommodate various charging needs.

Classic Elegance Meets Modern Tech

Integrated Wireless Charging in Marble Tables

OIXDESIGN's marble coffee tables and side tables are not just about aesthetics. The integrated wireless charging feature adds a layer of modernity to the classic elegance of marble. It's a perfect blend of style and functionality that elevates your living space.

Upgrade Your Side Table with OIXDESIGN

All of OIXDESIGN's upgraded marble side tables now incorporate cutting-edge integrated wireless charging. It's an upgrade that adds value, convenience, and a touch of luxury to your home. Upgrade Your Side Table Now

The Future of Home Decor

Wireless charging in furniture is more than a trend; it's the future. OIXDESIGN's marble coffee tables and marble side tables with wireless charging are leading the way in this innovation. With their blend of classic elegance and modern technology, they are setting a new standard in home decor. Experience the future today with OIXDESIGN's marble coffee tables and marble side tables.

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